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The Danish Tumbler is a very old breed. Original from India it came around 1572 to Denmark. King Frederik II of Denmark imported tumblers at that time for his deer-park at Hillerødsholm Gods. The Danish Tumblers have been in Royal Danish possession until the 20th century. The city of Copenhagen was the center of modernization around 1900. The first standard of the Danish Tumbler is from 1910. At that time there were already 9 varieties.The specialty club of Danish pigeons in Denmark was founded in 1915. After 1920 the modernization really took place by crossing mainly English Magpies. Later also Nuremberg Bagdad (Scandaroon) and French Bagdad were used to improve head form, length in neck, legs and beak. The red and yellow barred were improved with German Beauty Homers at later date.From WW II on there were not many crossings anymore and selection was mainly done within the breed. Nowadays the Danish Tumbler is a modern Fancy Pigeon, available in many colors and varieties. Many varieties are available in very high perfection such as the selfs, magpies and white flights. Other varieties such as the brander, tigered, barred and helmet need still more improvements and a few varieties such as the black shield, tigered brander, yellow and brown stipper and whitesides are very scarce.


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